Jacques Lemaire  – please call home!   Things are getting desperate.  Conventional wisdom, such as it is, tells us that Marc Bergevin has three options remaining from which to select the Canadien next head coach.  If the only candidates are in fact  Marc Crawford, Michel Therrien or Patrick Roy, hold your nose and take your pick.

How much do you think it would take to bring Lemaire out of semi-retirement on a short term contract?  Considering the listed alternatives, the sky’s the limit.

………Zurich newspapers are saying the Calgary Flames paid 500-thousand dollars in compensation for the final year of Bob Hartley’s two year contract with SC Zurich.  According to team executives, when Jay Feaster finally called, negotiations were “quick and professional”.  A couple of hours later, the Flames held their news conference.

………We’re told that there was some kind of negotiation deadline after which the Canadiens or Calgary could not talk to Hartley any more.  The fact that the Canadiens ignored it might be taken as a sign of only tepid interest in securing his services.

………And we’re now left with three names on everyone’s list of candidates for the Canadiens head coaching job.   And probably three or four more lurking in the back of Bergevin’s mind that we know nothing about.  Every day there;s another reason to hire either Patrick Roy, Marc Crawford or Michel Therrien.  And another reason not to.

………The rumour mill stopped mentioning Patrick Roy when word got out that he wanted , along with the coaching job, some kind of front office say on the players he was given.  If true, Roy in his arrogance, was angling for not only a head coaching role but also assistant general manager alongside Rick Dudley and Scott Mellanby.   That’s a non-starter and if he continues in that vain, he will  be spending  another year or more in Quebec City.  Still, his name is back out there.

………Marc Crawford is on the short list.  Do the Canadiens really want to get involved with the lengthy distractions that are going to manifest themselves this fall when Steve Moore takes Crawford, Todd Bertuzzi, Brian Burke and the Vancouver Canucks to court over what is listed in court documents as “an unlawful plan and agreement to assault, batter and injure Moore.”  Specifically, Moore claims that Crawford “failed to exercise control over and caution his players against physical aggression toward Moore”.    Trail is set for September or October.

………And that leaves, heavens forbid, Michel Therrien who has spent the four years since he talked his way out of the Pittsburgh Penguins job, by criticizing other coaches on RDS.

……..We can all hope there are truly a few other candidates lurking in the back of Bergevin’s mind.  If the Calgary Flames can shell out a half million dollars in compensation for Bob Hartley, surely there’s a dollar figure that would entice Jacques Lemaire to come back for a year.