A camel is a horse designed by a committee. Ancient Maxim.

Martin Lapointe - Expected to be named Canadiens Director of Player Development

We’re told the Canadiens are on the verge of naming Martin Lapointe their director of player development.

Since he was named Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has hired Rick Dudley as assistant general manager, retained Larry Carriere in the same role, brought in Scott Mellanby as director of player personnel and now Lapointe.  Five people to make the decisions that used to be made by one.

So, who’s running the show?

How often is Bergevin going to overrule Dudley who has been in hockey management for fifteen years compared to his one?  What are Mellanby, Carriere and Lapointe going to contribute?  How many opinions does it require to make a decision?   How much ‘group-think’ went into the Michel Therrien decision?

Deciding anything by committee, is ultimately taking too many opinions and wish-lists into account, more often than not resulting in something that’s probably vaguely similar to what was originally planned, but is watered down by compromise.  It generally is an indication of a lack of confidence in an ability to lead.

With all of this front office bloat, I’m beginning to get the feeling that Trevor Timmins, the Canadiens’ Director of Player Recruitment and Procurement and the only rock solid team executive over the last decade,  is having his position marginalized to the point of ultimate extinction.

…………As you might expect, there was a difference of opinion between Montreal’s ‘two solitudes’ about the re-hiring of Michel Therrien.   The English side of the city for the most part considers the appointment a disaster, doomed to failure.   East of St. Lawrence Boulevard there hasn’t been quite the viral response but I’m not seeing  mass approval either.   No matter how hard Marc Bergevin tried to sell his head coaching choice to the public at Tuesday’s news conference, there remains a pervading skepticism although to their credit the French side of the city is more inclined to  give Therrien a chance .   It’s clear to anyone who closely examined the issue, Bergevin took the coach that in his own view, or that of all of his advisors,  was the best of a poor lot.  Therrien has a three year contract but even among those who take a wait-and-see attitude his leash  very short.