All right, everyone take a deep breath.   Breathe out slowly.  Relax.  We’re still six weeks away from training camp.

There is NO P.K. Subban crisis.  There is NO impasse in contract negotiations.  How could there be?   The two sides only starting talking about a deal last week.

Even if the story RDS was reporting earlier this week is true (two years at a total of 5.5 million dollars), and  the Subban camp has denied the financial accuracy of the report, opening gambits in salary negotiations are to be taken as seriously as accepting the initial asking price at a yard sale.    From here there will be back and forth involving length of contract and dollar value until a solution is arrived at.  The Canadiens are very well aware that Subban in a salary arbitration would have received more and he will get more in the end.  Length of contract will determine how much more.  And forget about some kind of offer sheet, Subban despite his potential, is nowhere near the talent level of Shea Weber at this stage of his career.  What we night pay attention to is the John Carlson contract negotiation with the Washington Capitals.   Carlson is in the same restricted free agent position as Subban and at this stage their talent profile is similar.

Similarly, there was much handwringing when the NHL presented it’s proposals to the NHLPA.  No way we would see a 2012-2013hockey season based on what were deemed totally unreasonable demands on the part of the league owners.  There seemed to be no panic on the part of Donald Fehr who has seen all of this stuff before.  We still may be on the path to a lockout but like the Subban situation, we should all just relax.  After all, it’s still early August.