Of all of the aspirants on the Hamilton Bulldogs roster, Blake Geoffrion was closest to landing a job on the Canadiens roster if and when the 2012-2013  season begins.  His return has  been postponed after he suffered a “depressed skull fracture” in Friday night’s game against the Syracuse Crunch at the Bell Centre.

Midway through the first period Geoffrion was caught by a solid (and clean) hip check by Crunch defenseman Jean-Philippe Cote.

His head appeared to hit the ice and opinions on press row was he had suffered a skate cut.  . He was bleeding and holding his hands to his face when he skated off the ice to go to the dressing room.  After the game, Hamilton head coach Sylvain Lefebvre told reporters  “It’s a head injury.  He’s under surgery right now and it’s not life threatening.”  The Canadiens early Saturday issued this statement “Geoffrion is out indefinitely, and the medical staff is expecting a complete recovery from his injury.”

Jean Philippe Cote, who delivered the check on Geoffrion played five seasons for Hamilton and had an eight game cup of coffee with the Canadiens during the ’05-’06  season.  Subsequently  he played in Germany for two seasons before returning to the AHL.

Injuries are starting to pile up in Hamilton.  Forward Louis Leblanc will be gone until mid December with a high  ankle sprain, defenseman Greg Pateryn underwent surgery for a fractured elbow and  goaltender Cedrick Desjardins has not played a single game because of a training camp groin injury.

Here is the video of the check

Thanks to Wikipedia here is a medical description of a “depressed skull fracture”

A depressed skull fracture is a type of fracture usually resulting from blunt force trauma, such as getting struck with a hammer, rock or getting kicked in the head. These types of fractures, which occur in 11% of severe head injuries, are comminuted fractures in which broken bones are displaced inward. Depressed skull fractures carry a high risk of increased pressure on the brain, or a hemorrhage to the brain, crushing the delicate tissue.