geoffrionAccording to his father, Blake Geoffrion is considering retirement from professional hockey.  Geoffrion suffered a depressed skull fracture in the November Hamilton Bulldogs game against the Syracuse Crunch at the Bell Centre November 9th.   Geoffrion underwent emergency surgery at Montreal General Hospital that night and has not worn hockey equipment since.  At the time of the surgery, doctors told Geoffrion he had a strong chance of full recovery from the injury.

Geoffrion was checked hard against the boards by Rochester defenceman Jean-Philippe Cote. In the follow through the heel of Cote’s skate hit Geoffrion’s head causing the depressed fracture. (Video Below)

The story about his retirement broke on an ESPN twitter account but Danny Geoffrion, Blake’s father told the Nashville Tennessean that his son, only out of courtesy,  had  informed the Canadiens that a retirement decision, one way or the other,  would probably come  in the next couple of weeks.

“It’s being blown up all over the place, but all Blake did was call (Canadiens general manager) Marc Bergevin and put him on notice that there is a possibility he might have to retire due to the injury he suffered to his head, the trauma to the brain.  So he hasn’t retired. I’m not saying he’s not going to (retire). He just put the Canadiens on notice that it’s a possibility.”

“He’s doing fine.   But probably the biggest part of this is that … some people think he just got hit in the head and that’s it. He had a cracked skull. It’s unbelievable where the skate blade went into the side of his head and cracked the skull. (Blake) really needs to base his decision on the quality of life, his quality of life later on if — God forbid — this comes back to haunt him.

J.P. Cote, a former member of the Bulldogs and the defenceman who delivered the check, which in most views was considered clean, reacted to the news Wednesday for the  Syracuse Post Standard,

“God. It (stinks).  I thought he was going to come back and continue his career. It’s a real shock, disappointing. I was hoping for the best.  You definitely forget about it when you’re right in the play.  You see things like that, you have to take a step back, feel fortunate for being healthy. Enjoy it while you’re healthy. It a privilege to play this game.”

Here is video of the incident