white suspensionFew doubted that Ryan White would be suspended for the hit on Philadelphia defenceman Kent Huskins Monday night.  The only question was how long considering the fact that White had no history of supplemental discipline by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.

In justifying the five game suspension, Brendan Shanahan said, “The timing and path and route (White took to make the check) were off and instead of making a legal and full body check he recklessly picks Huskins head with his shoulder making it the principle point of contact.”

For Shanahan’s full explanation with video, please click here

Huskins suffered a concussion on the play and missed the Flyers game against the New York Rangers Tuesday night.

The suspension will cost White $18,581.10 in lost wages.  All fines are turned over to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.  White will next be eligible to play in the Canadiens final game of the season.

Here is video of the TSN In-Game Coverage of White/Huskins incident