bergevin (1)Marc Bergevin held the traditional Canadiens end-of-season postmortem Monday at the team’s training centre in Brossard.

Among the talking points –

“I had to become a GM to get an award, I never got one as a player.d have to be a GM to get an award.  It doesn’t say much about me as a player.”  On being nominated for ‘GM of the Year’ award.

“In my line of work, the only guarantee is there are no guarantees.”

“Next year, I’m not taking anything for granted. It’s going to be hard. That’s the nature of this business.”

“The future is built on youth and the draft. I’m convinced of that.”

“Always look at all the options possible. But depth and character and speed is what you need to reach your ultimate goal. So there’s no magic recipe and … The best way to get these type of players is through the draft and is to bring them along throughout your organization.”

“The Montreal Canadiens aren’t afraid to give young guys a chance when they deserve it.  What I tell our young players is, if there’s no room, I’ll make room. Force me to make a decision.”

“We do have a small team but we’re a fast team, we’re a young team.  

“There’s 29 other teams that want to be big, fast and strong. But that’s easier said than done. But balance is very important. You can’t win with all big guys and you can’t win with all small guys.”

“I don’t care how big you are, if you have no character, you’re not going to succeed.”

“I’m very satisfied with the work Michel Therrien has done. We’re headed in the right direction and we’ll continue doing so.”-

“Forget about taking a night off; this kid never takes a shift off”  On rookie Brendan Gallagher.

“(P.K. Subban) still has a lot to learn. He’s really good, but he can be even better. So it’s a work in progress with him. This year, we’re happy with the direction he went.”

“I have faith in (Carey Price) that he will be better. He had some good stretches and he had some so-so stretches. And that’s part of being a young goaltender and we’re going to move forward with him and I’m 100 per cent behind him.”

“Maybe I can do his groceries for him so he doesn’t need to go.”  After Price admitted, because of his high profile, he doesn’t even like to go to the grocery store anymore.

“So the mindset, the game plan stays the same. I’m standing pat. I made it clear from Day 1: I want to make this team good for years to come, not just for one year,”