After Vincent Lecavalier signed with Philadelphia, ESPN’s Pierre Lebrun tweeted this:

It is not a good idea to question Pierre and his sources but….. really?

Another 5’8″ centreman?  To replace whom?  Desharnais?  Plekanec?  And even if the Canadiens were able to manufacture some interest of their own, where does Briere stand in all of this?  ca

Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey DevilsIn 2007, one of the reasons Briere turned down Bob Gainey’s massive free agent offer was the attraction of the comparative anonymity of playing in Philadelphia where he could avoid the pressure created by the Montreal media and fans who have a well-earned a reputation for eating their own. Any doubts he might have had in opting for the Flyers were laid to rest with the vicious way Briere was treated when he turned up at the Bell Centre in a Flyers uniform.   Vincent Lecavalier had no real interest in coming here this week for the same reasons and, barring absolute disinterest on the part of the rest of the league, or a personal transformation, neither will Briere.  My guess, considering his family situation (divorced-children living near Philadelphia),  he will sign with the New Jersey Devils.

Bob Gainey liked to say it takes a special personality to thrive as a member of the Canadiens in Montreal.  To their credit, Lecavalier and Briere understand that life under the microscope is not their thing.

Also Worth Considering

Briere totaled just six goals and 16 points in 34 games in 2013. He endured a 19-game goal drought from mid-February until the second-to-last game of the schedule, after suffering through a 23-game dry spell last season from January through mid-March. 

Danny Kristo for Christian Thomas

A few of us have had trouble getting our heads around this one.

Marc Bergevin prominently includes the word “character” when he assesses talent. Kristo has a checkered history of career setbacks all of them caused by off ice activity.    Thomas is the anti-Kristo.  His reputation is pristine on every level.   In September after Kristo was suspended by his school for partying,  Bergevin told Marc Antoine Godin of La Presse, “You can’t always blame immaturity. If he wants to have an NHL career he’ll need to make the right decisions.”  I think Bergevin decided Kristo, at the age of 23,  wasn’t going to change at least in the foreseeable future.

Jaromir+Jagr+z39KM2ib2HimWhy Not Jagr?

Bergevin has said he’s not going to wade hip-deep into free agent swamp but he does have the odd hole to fill up front while he waits for his farm system to produce.  Seems to me Jaromir Jagr is the ideal stop gap.  I remember when Bob Gainey made the training deal to acquire centre Robert Lang at the 2008 training camp  (by the way, still the biggest centre the Canadiens have had since bobby smith).  Lang suffered that slashed achilles tendon in his 50th game of the season. At the time he had 18 goals and he was leading the Canadiens in scoring.  Could Jagr be as valuable on a short-term deal at 41 while the Canadiens wait for farm system right wingers Sebastian Collberg and Patrick Holland to develop?

komisarek IIJust Throwing It Out There 

Do you think Mike Komisarek might be a better option than Drew Drewiske as the Alexei Emelin fill-in and seventh defenseman than Drew Drewiske?  Everyone is still trying to figure out what happened to him in Toronto.  In Montreal, even when he wasn’t paired with Andrei Markov, he was a fairly effective defenseman.

The All-Star Voting Fiasco –

The Professional Hockey Writers Association voted P.K. Subban as first defense on the first NHL’s first all-star team ahead of Ryan Suter, Francois Beauchemin and Kris Letang.  Some think that the order should be different, but Subban also won the Norris.   The same voters also elected Alexander Ovechkin as the first team right winger and also the second team left winger, ignoring an association directive that, because of his shift to the other side, he should be considered only at the right side.   Like those who vote for post season awards in baseball, many voting members of the PHWA don’t attend games and barely pay any attention to the game.  The word “irresponsible” comes to mind, since the results of their voting impacts future salary negotiations.