subbanThe P.K. Subban/Canadiens salary dispute is now in the hands of the arbitrator.  The two sides met in front of Elizabeth Neumeier Friday morning in Toronto.  Although the two sides can continue to negotiate right up to the time Neumeier hands down her decision at noon on Sunday, the two sides have not scheduled any talks.

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin following the hearing.  “I’ve nothing to say guys, so don’t ask me.”

Subban would only say the hearing was a “learning process” and added “Decisions were made today in relations to both of our positions and ultimately we have to live with those decisions.  I will move on and get ready for the season.”   And about the possibility of a long-term deal he said,  “I think that’s kind of a discussion for a later date.”

You can watch Subban’s post arbitration media scrum here

The Subban case is the first contested arbitration case since if he’d still be open to long-term deal with , Subban: “I think that’s kind of a discussion for a later date.”Neumeier granted Shea Weber a 7.5 million dollar settlement following his hearing on August 2nd 2011,.  Since then a total of 60 arbitration cases were filed before Subban.  Of the 60, only Subban and Vladimir Sobotka of the Blues actually were presented to the arbitrator.  Sobotka’s case was uncontested after he previously signed a KHL contract.

In the last five years, three members of the Canadiens asked for arbitration, Tomas Plekanec (2009), Josh Gorges (2011), Rafael Diaz (2012) and Ryan White  (2013).  All cases were settled before the hearing.  .

In the two most notable salary disputes…Plekanec took one year at 2.75 million dollars in 2009.  He subsequently signed a six year-30 million dollar contract the following June.  In 2011, Josh Gorges signed a one year 2.5 million dollar contract prior to his hearing.  Five months later, on January 1st, 2012, the Canadiens announced a six year 23.4 million dollar deal.