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PK-Subban-Montreal-Canadiens-Reebok-Premier-Replica-Home-NHL-Hockey-Jersey-N8751_XLSome facts about the Subban contract –

  • Subban will be 33 when the contract expires in 2022.
  • 9 million dollars amounts to 13 percent of the Canadiens 69 million dollar 2014available cap space.
  • Since 2005, the salary cap has increased by around 6 percent each year.  At that rate, four years into the contract (2018-19) the salary cap would be around 87 million and Subban would be taking ten percent of available cap room.
  • Subban will absorb the third highest cap hit in the NHL during the 2014-2015 season behind Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin (9.5 million) and Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin (9.38M).  He is tied with Sidney Crosby at 9M
  • Subban is the NHL’s highest paid defenseman.  Second is Nashville’s Shea Weber at a 7.25M average, Ryan Suter 7.53M then Kris Letang (7.25), Brian Campbell (7.12) Dion Phaneuf & Drew Doughty (7M)
  • Among defensemen the biggest contracts in history -1. Weber: 14-yr/110M 2. Suter: 13-yr/$98M 3. Subban: 8-yr/$72M 4. Duncan Keith: 12-yr/$69M
  • The top five Canadiens contracts by cap hit are Subban (9M) followed by Carey Price (6.5M); Andrei Markov (5.75M); Tomas Plekanec (5M) and Max Pacioretty (4.5M)
  • In the first two years of the 72M contract Subban will earn 7 million dollars.  The breakdown is 7M; 7M; 11M; 11M; 10M; 10M; 8M; 8M.
  • The 7 million in real dollars Subban will earn next season is almost double the 3.75M he earned last season.  Three years ago, in the final year of his entry level contract Subban earned 875-thousand dollars.  His two year bridge contract paid him 2-million and 3.75 million respectively.
  • The contract is by far the longest term and richest contract in Canadiens history surpassing the six year-39 million dollar contract signed by Carey Price two years ago.
  •  Under the CBA any “no-trade” provisions in the contract cannot kick in until the third year of the contract (July 1, 2016) because the first two years remain his restricted free agent years.
  • Subban will get 25.5 million in bonus money which is included in the 72 million total. Bonus money is a lump sum paid before the season. In subban’s case …in the first year of his contract he will get 5M lump sum. The other 2M will be spread out every two weeks during the regular season.  paid during the season based on two week pay periods.   Subban’s pay schedule – Year One –  5M bonus/2M salary. Year two   2 4.5M bonus/2.5 salary      Year Three & Four 2Mbonus/9M salary.  Yrears Five & Six  no signing bonus/10M salary. Years Seven & Eight    6Mbonus/2M salary

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