Jacques Martin came to the Canadiens with a reputation for being blindly committed tohaving his team play a plodding, dull defense-oriented trapping game.  There was no discussion about what kind of in-game tactician he was.   As we learned in the final three games against Washington, Martin knows how to run a bench especially on the road when his opposing coach had the last change.

Because Jacques Martin dresses seven defencemen, including Marc-Andre Bergeron, the only untouchable line, both on even-strength and power play was Plekanec, Cammalleri and Andrei Kostitsyn which played together as a unit 16:03 in game seven vs. Washington.
Gomez, Moen, Gionta were together 6:51. Tom Pyatt played on the left side with Gomez and Gionta for 5:10, most of it (eight shifts) in the third period.
Pouliot was moved back with Gionta and Gomez on power plays only.
At various times Martin had Lapierre and Moore playing with Pouliot (6:28), Moen (2:25) and Pyatt (2:25)
Because there was basically no fourth line because of the Bergeron situation. Bergeron did play four shifts with Markov in the first period. After that he was limited to two power play appearances.
Glen Metropolit played briefly with Gomez and Gionta for 2:09 on the power play. His total ice time was 3:02 and five shifts.

The Washington Capitals are one thing.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are another.  It will be worth noting how he changes his game plan to deal with Crosby, Malkin, Staal and company.  Different team.  Different circumstances.