1 kassianOnly hours after the NHL Pleyers Association and the league had announced that left winger Zack Kassian had been returned to “available Status” and was ready to enter follow-up the follow-up care phase of it’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Programme, the Canadiens placed him on waivers.

It probably won’t be clear what the Canadiens intentions are until he clears waivers onWednesday at noon.  Kassian has not played since he was involved in aMontreal car accident October 4th.  The folowing day it was the NHL and NHLPA that suspeneded him and placed him in Stage Two of it’s substance abuse programme.

In the probability that he clears waivers, the Canadiens can place him on their St. John’s IceCaps roster in an effort to get him back into game shape or, they can do what they did with Alexander Semin which means placing him on ‘unconditional waivers’ and release him. While Kassian may deserve an opportunity to get his live straightened out, at the time of the suspension the Canadiens appeared to be ready to wash their hands of him, so an unconditional release seems likely.

Kassian was to earn 3.5 million dollars this season, the final year of his contract.