1 priceWho to believe? The story in La Presse indicates through various sources that Carey Price is done for the season.  In his story in the Friday web edition of the paper columnist Richard Labbe’ reported that one source told him that the team “cannot say this publically, we want to keep the hope alive even if it is thin.  We don’t want fans to abandon hope for marketing reasons.”

It’s never a good idea to lie to the media and Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien knows it. This is his statement to the English media regarding Price at the morning skate in Buffalo Friday.

TherrienNope.  There’s no update.  He’s not back up to the next stage that we could start and make any comment.  The one thing that I know, he’s put in a lot of hours and he’s working extremely hard to make a comeback.

Q- Are you still confident he will make a comeback this season?


Q – No truth to the report from this morning then?

TherrienThere’s going to be….you know what, there’s going to be a lot of speculation.  People are going to speculate about what I hear from a lot of people, but that’s our market.  We know what’s going on with Carey.  It taken more time obviously than we were expecting.  Like I said, he’s working extremely hard and he’s put in a lot of hours to make sure that he’s going to make that comeback.  The fact that he’s working extremely hard is not to make sure that he’s going to look good this summer on the beach.  He wants to come back and play for the Montreal Canadiens.