The Canadiens were lucky in the injury department through the first month of the season.  Then Andrei Markov messed up his knee in game seventeen.  Canadiens officials seem willing to go as far as terming the injury “long term”.  “How long term?’ is the only remaining question.  

The Canadiens got additional scares in last night’s 3-0 win over  Philadelphia when both Josh Gorges and Jeff Halpern were shaken up during a headhunting mission by the Flyers Darroll Powe in the game’s second and third period. Neither took part in today’s practice, but the two are expected to play tomorrow night against Nashville.

In the second period Powe nailed Gorges with a hard elbow for which he was given a two minute penalty. Gorges was clearly hurt on the play and had a few choice words as Powe headed for the penalty box. Still, he didn’t miss a shift.

In the first minute of the third period Powe hammered Halpern into the Bell Centre glass. Halpern lost his helmet on the initial contact and may have hit his head in falling to the ice. Clearly dazed, Halpern had to be helped to the dressing room and did not return to the game. In most views, including that of Maxim Lapierre, who fought Powe two minutes later, it was a hit from behind resulting in a blow to the head. ‘Most views’, did not include the game’s referees, who did not issue a penalty or the NHL front office who refused to review the incident. Halpern had his “bell rung” which is the same as suffering a concussion. After tests, it was decided it was not severe enough to take him out of action. He’ll be back in the lineup along with Gorges tomorrow night at the Bell Centre.