UpdateJaroslav Halak gave up four goals in a third period span of 3.14 as the Red Wings beat St. Louis 7-3 in Detroit Wednesday night.  Halak’s rough night started when he put the puck into his own net in the first period.  (See Video Below) Halak has given up 13 goals in his last two games and 19 over the previous four games.  His goals against average has ballooned to 2.48 and his save percentage has dropped to .906.

Last night Carey Price logged his third shutout in his last seven games.

Tonight Jaroslav Halak, who recorded three shutouts during his first first nine games as a member of the St. Louis Blues, will have a chance to answer back in Detroit.

Those who are charting the progress of the two former teammates know that through the first month of the season, it was all Halak. Into the second month and it’s now all-Carey Price. It’s probably going to go back and forth like this all year.

Right now Price, who will start his 18th game tomorrow night against Nashville, is ahead of Halak in the league’s goaltender statistics. With the shutout last night Price’s goals-against average is down to 2.05 (compared to Halak’s 2.12) and his save percentage has risen to .930. Halak is at .918.

We’re dealing with apples and oranges here. Halak plays in a different conference, with a different defence in front of him. Theydo  have one thing in common – at this stage of the season, each is the most valuable player of his respective team.

And here are their statistics, updated to include Wednesday game vs. Detroit.  Halak has played in fourteen games, Price – a league leadiing seventeen.

Halak (8-4-2) GAA 2.48   Save% .906    3-shutouts

Price (11-5-1) GAA  2.05   Save% .930     3-shutouts

Halak’s Own Goal