BURIED & EMBARRASSED Colorado-4 Canadiens-0 (Feb. 7, 2017)

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1 avval martinesen goalAs we watch the Canadiens slow descent in the NHL standings, fans have to start facing the fact that their team is not as good as everyone thought they might be a month into the season.

Since November 12th they have the 22nd best record in the league and their effort ….or lack of it….against Colorado Tuesday night was merely an extension of what we’ve been seeing on a regular basis over the last forty games.

It’s hard for one to wrap his head around the fact that the Canadiens were flat, unprepared, disorganized, passive and unresponsive against the one of the worst teams in recent NHL memory. That’s four losses in a row now, three of them against teams who are behind them in the overall league standings.


Can anyone remember the fact that the Canadiens started the season with 13 wins and 2 losses. Since then the Canadiens have won 17 and lost 23 games. At the same time both Toronto and Ottawa have put together winning records and fans are rightly concerned that not only is the Canadiens hold on first place in the Atlantic Division threatened but they may not even be able to hold second.

1 ava andrighettoSCAPEGOATING

In another age, when they lost two games in a row fans would start to ask “what’s wrong with the Canadiens?” Those days are long gone. The talk shows and social media have any number of easy targets starting with the easiest of all, the coaching staff. Add to that, in no particular order, injuries, the schedule, lack of talent, slumps, all-of or some-of the above. When it really comes down to it, the Canadiens are short on talent, especially offensively and those chickens have come home to roost as opponents buckle down in the playoff race.


….This was not a great night for Alexander Radulov who buzzed around all night without accomplishing anything of note. And that begs the question, if Radulov has an off game, is there anyone who can pick up the slack? Nobody on this night.

….We’re used to seeing the Canadiens on the down side of the nightly “hit” totals. In this game they had only six – half of them from the newcomer Nikita Nesterov. And absolutely nothing in that department from either Alexei Emelin or Shea Weber.

1 ava desharna….The Canadiens have been shut out two games in a row. Home and away they’ve won only two of the last eight.

….This was fifth loss the last six road games. They’ve been held to one goal or fewer six times. In those six road games they have managed one goal 5-on-5.


After being buried by the NHL’s worst team, the Canadiens move on to face the the Arizona Coyotes, who are second from the bottom of the league’s standings. If they take that game as casually as they did in Denver, they could be in for another long night. The last time the Canadiens played at the Gila River Center they were beaten 6-2 last February.

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  1. Ned Stark says:

    Another game played, the same result as last game, it’s now a 4 game losing streak. The team has underperformed for 3 months now and no changes have been made. Therrien has retreated to what he likes best….of the 4 centres last night DD had the most ice time. Of all the forwards Andrew Shaw had the most ice time. This is typical Therrien in playing his favourites ahead of the better players on the team. Meanwhile, Marc “We’re all in” Bergevin stands frozen like a statue incapable of doing the right thing(s) for this team. The owner, Geoff Molson has no comment about the current state of his hockey team. Which makes sense since he only knows what Bergevin tells him and takes it as if it was gospel. So he’s no help.
    So I’m still trying to get this straight about Bergevin(Coward) who insists that the team can only have a French Head Coach. Well the current French coach is a pure dud so how would the team be doing with an English Coach behind the bench – say Kirk Muller? I think they would play more disciplined hockey and use a system that maximizes the team’s strength -> speed and possession hockey. Therrien isn’t interested in any of those things.
    Thursday nite in Phoenix and I expect two things to happen: 1) we’ll actually get on the scoreboard 2) but not enough as we lose 4-1 in the desert. Expect no further action from Bergevin until next Monday when he’ll speak to the press and assure them “we’re in it all the way” but will not explain the “what we’re in” comment.

    So to finish this I will just say this. Marc Bergevin is a total coward in his protection of personal friend Therrien over the success of the team. In the last 40 games the team is 1 game over .500 after the 13-1-1 start. Bergevin made these changes and they aren’t working at all. Last year he publicly blamed the players for the collapse even though that was wrong. Well he did his makeover ridding the team of Eller and Subban. It seems quite apparent that Weber and Shaw have taken the team to the next level as he promised. Bergevin needs to fire Therrien and then promote Kirk Muller to Head Coach. He then needs to submit his own resignation while Rick Dudley assumes the GM role. Otherwise he has wasted two seasons of the Prime a Years of too many of the team’s best players.

  2. Ian London says:

    Hard to argue w/anything Ned says. it’s up to the coach to prepare teams for games and make adjustments on the fly. MT clearly has failed miserably in this for a very long time. I’m amazed that MB is risking his livelihood by keeping this emotionless and useless excuse for a coach. I love being bilingual but it’s time to get rid of him and put Kirk M as head coach.

    That being said, players are playing stupid hockey and we can start w/Shaw (who I really like but he puts us in bad situations far too often). Then we can move to useless players: DD tops that list – did he do anything positive in last couple of games?.

    Not one player seemed to care last night. Again: that’s for the coaches, captain and A’s to address. The coach has no clue. So it’s time for Max/Shea/Gally/CP31/Markhov to pretend their Beliveau and pull this team together.

    with score 2-0 and room to move the puck out of our end someone lazily iced the puck. Resulting face off loss (we were brutal in that dept last nite) turned into 3-0 deficit and game was over. That was an inexcusable lazy and stupid hockey play.

    Finally Carey Price. Something is wrong. He doesn’t go from one of the best goalies in the world to not even the current best goalie in Montreal. His calm demeanor is resulting in giving up bad goals. He needs to make a statement to the fans that (still) adore him and tell us what’s going on. If he wants out let’s trade him now for a sniper or two, then make a trade for MA Fleury and move forward. His record the past two months is horrible in all facets of the game. If he doesn’t want to be a Hab anymore now’s the time to make a trade and get something good in return. and before you jump all over me for this as sacrilege, just look at what he’s done since the NJ game in Montreal, he just hasn’t been himself.

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