Montreal fans have never been able to pass a ballot box they didn’t want to stuff and this year’s NHL All-Star game voting is no exception.

Two years ago, when the all-star game was held here in Montreal, local fans managed to make four Canadiens, Carey Price, Andrei Markov, Mike Komisarek and Alexei Kovalev game starters through a massive computer voting campaign.

They were relatively quiet last year but, finding Carey Price’s name left completely off the ballot, they are united in singlehandedly correcting the oversight. Already Price leads all goaltenders as a write-in candidate with 71,669 votes, 13,000 more than are bound and determined to make him a write in candidate. Price currently leads all goaltending vote-getters 13,000 votges ahead of another write-in candidate, Sergei Bobrovsky of the Flyers.

The Canadiens also have three forwards in the top 15; Michael Cammalleri (9th), Tomas Plekanec(13th-write-in) and Brian Gionta (15th).

Among defencemen, P.K. Subban ranks 9th overall as a write-in selection while Andrei Markov who will probably be out of the lineup past the all-star game with his most recent knee injury already has 24,140 votes.

Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby and Chicago defenseman Duncan Keith are the overall leaders in the first week of voting, with 118,755 and 82,968, respectively.

Rounding out the top five in votes are Detroit captain Niklas Lidstrom (80,723 votes), Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (80,169 votes) and Chicago’s Jonathan Toews (79,953 votes).