A SUDDEN DEATH AGAIN – Dallas-3 Canadiens-1 (Nov. 21, 2017)

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Even when things go right, they go wrong.

It’s that way in this train wreck of a Montreal Canadiens season.

The Canadiens did everything right through the first half of their game against Dallas. Everything right except one thing. They didn’t capitalize. Again. Oh, Brendan Gallagher got that power play goal, but the Canadiens worked hard enough to have a 3-0 lead before the Stars woke up.

And then, all it took was a minute to crash.

The Stars scored two goals in the span of 59 seconds and won the game. It was the third time in two games the Canadiens have allowed two in less than a minute and ninth time this season.

What a mess this team has become. 3-1 with the empty netter. Fourth straight loss and fifth in the last six. And now it’s on to Nashville.


Whatever fault you might have found in his last two starts for the Canadiens, it would be hard to take issue with anything Charlie Lindgren did in this game. He made the saves he had to make up to the point of the Gallagher goal. After that the defense went south on Lindgren again. From the Gallagher goal at 12:04 to the end of the second period Dallas outshot the Canadiens 12-2 and scored two goals.


Jordie Benn returned to Dallas. He tangled with brother Jamie at one point in the first period which drew some laughs, especially when Radulov stepped in. But as things heated up, Benn started to fade. He was on the ice and in trouble for the two goals late in the second period. The Canadiens traded Greg Pateryn to get Benn. I thought Paternyn had a better night.


Without Shea Weber – along with Carey Price – few would have argued if there was a prediction of a 6-1 final outcome to this game. It was truly “defense by committee” and, all things considered, the defense played pretty well.

Last year in Boston, Claude Julien didn’t want Joe Morrow around. Morrow had a pretty good night including his team leading five shots on goal and three blocked shots.


The Canadiens power play produced their only goal which ended a 1 for 15 drought but when it was needed most it let them down again. The Canadiens came into the game ranked 29th in the league and did nothing to enhance it’s brutal reputation. They had three straight power play chances to tie the game in the third period and managed two shots in the six minutes of PP time. At the end of the night they were 1 for 7.


Early in the season Julien put Max Pacioretty on a line with Jonathan Drouin. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. The two of them combined for exactly one shot on goal in the game. May that line combination rest in peace.


Fairly or not, Bob Gainey’s tenure as Canadiens general manager will always be judged on the Ryan McDonagh trade. In the end the Canadiens came away with nothing while the New York Rangers found themselves with a franchise defenseman.

There will be a time, and it might not be to far down the road that we will be remembering Marc Bergevin’s dithering his way through the Alexander Radulov free agency negotiation. He wanted to stay. Bergevin low balled him and everyone saw what was lost in this game. In hindsight, the incompetence was breathtaking.


To Nashville for the second of the back to back games. Will Shea Weber be back or will we spend the night watching PK do his thing? Is there a chance that Carey Price will return for the second of back to backs. How about David Schlemko. Just another chapter in the on-going nightmare.

2 Comments to “A SUDDEN DEATH AGAIN – Dallas-3 Canadiens-1 (Nov. 21, 2017)”

  1. Bay_Bye says:

    why does everyone think a defenseman that bounced around 6 teams in 3 years and only the last 2 played 60 plus games in NHL. he is only at best a 5-6 Dman so will not help Montreal like everyone seems to believe…Benn was on the ice for both Dallas goals,,,he is not a 1st pairing dman but is used at one…putting Benn and Azner together on the PP is a real joke…until this defense is overhauled we are doomed…but Bergevin in his infinite wisdom over paid and over termed Azner cause he was the best available in free agency,shows the low caliber there, but also give him a No Trade Clause when he never played a game in a Habs jersey was downright stupid

  2. Ian London says:

    who in their right mind would not take any of the following former Habs D-men (Markhov, Beaulieu, Sergachev, Emelin ) over what MB got since the trade deadline: (Alzner, Davidson, Morrow), OK we did get a competent and at times dazzling winger (not centre) – J Drouin. But that’s not a great trade in my books. Way to work your magic, Bergie.

    who’d you rather have, Mr Molson – Andrighetto and Rads or Hensley? Well played Bergie.

    who’d you rather have behind the bench? Guy Boucher or CJ/MT? nicely done Bergie.

    who’d you rather have mentoring your defense: Larry and down the road Markhov or JJD? good call Bergie

    anyone see a pattern here?

    I’ve been going to Habs @ VCR since I moved to Vancouver 35 years ago and for the first time I am sick to think of the spectacle we’ll be treated to. have 4 tickets for the Habs at Vancouver game next month. Anyone want to buy them?

    I am sickened what Molson and MB have done to OUR franchise because after all this team belongs to the fans – not the millionaires and billionaires who couldn’t give a damn about how good the team is as long as they make their money. And where does that money come from Mr Molson. Do the math. You sir are a lousy businessman to allow incompetent buffoons to ruin your team.

    Oh yeah….that top 6 centre you said was not available Bergie? how about Duschene or Turris? They’re pretty good and alongside Drouin and Chucky you could have had a #1 line. how arrogant and incompetent can one GM be?

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