OUT TO LUNCH – Boston-4 Canadiens-1 (Jan. 17, 2018)

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To start the game against the hottest team in the NHL on Wednesday night the Canadiens centremen were Jacob de la Rose, Paul Byron, Tomas Plekanec and Byron Froese. The most qualified member of that group was Plekanec and he went into the game with one goal in his last 28 games.

So could anyone expect any different result?

Things started well – a goal in the first minute. Then it was mostly downhill with the exception of Carey Price who kept it pretty close until the third period.


We could pick apart the Canadiens puck management, their decision making, their defensive sloppiness and their lack of puck possession but ultimately, the team the Canadiens put on the ice was simply not good enough to win a road game, especially against a team that has not lost in regulation since mid-December.


So let’s start with the decision to make de la Rose a top-line centre. The old line is “politics make strrange bedfellows”. In this case, in the injury situation made for bad politics. Much as I like de la Rose as a role player, centring Galchenyuk and Drouin was an idea whose time should be thrown into the trash bin with the decision to make a centre of Paul Byron.

Strange bedfellows, indeed.


I don’t think it’s any secret that Canadiens opponents game-plan includes putting forechecking pressure on the Canadien mediocre defense.  And that wstartedat the beginning of the season.

If their defense was considered sub-par in October,  without Shea Weber they are now abysmal.

Jakub Jerabek scored the game’s first goal and his first as an NHLer. It was a fluke but I thought he played well for the first half of the game.  After that he wasn’t so good. He’s a rookie, so I guess we can forgive mistakes.

Not so much for the veterans.  Jeff Petry got his stuck stuck in the TD Garden glass and then gave up on the play that led to the Bruins first goal. (I know Pacioretty was a spectator on the play as well, but Petry had to be better).  Petry, who is the last go-to member of the defense had a rough night and finished with a well-earned minus-2.

Weber is the anchor of the defense. Without him, the Canadiens operate without a rudder.


The Canadiens came into the game with power play goals in each of it’s last three games, which sounds nice until you analyze the power plays. over te last 3 games.   They had a chance at a  1:09 two-man advantage in the second period with Boston leading 2-1 and managed one shot on goal.

Not good enough.


Settle in for the long season’s end. We’ve known for a while that the Canadiens farm-system has nothing that can help the team the way it did for the Bruins this season.

The trade market can only plug one hole while creating another.

Result? A season in the tank. The depth Canadiens management wants to go in the tank is the only issue remaining.


…Shots on goal in the game were 32-22 for the Bruins but a better stat was shots attempted which favoured Boston 63-22 which led to a Boston Corsi advantage of 66%,

….Where were the so-called good players? Pacioretty with one shot on goal. Galchenyuk gave up on the play that led to the winning goal.  Drouin had two good moments and five bad ones.

….Was Deslauriers the Canadiens best forward?  With all due respect, that is sad commentary.


The Canadiens play the first of back-back games this weekend. At Washington on Friday night and at home against Boston again Saturday. Any predictions?

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  1. Bay_Bye says:

    with such a dismal defense,Price is a sitting duck…this team can not play 60 minutes of hockey and seems to shut down for periods of play..they are not a challenge for other teams forwards…too many defense errors and too many players standing around doing nothing…they need to put Chucky at center as they have no other options.MB and CJ and Levbrevre all need to go and go fast…they have lost the team….for some players they have to be praying for a trade to get out of Montreal..it is pathetic

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