THE NEVERENDING STORY – Carolina-2 Canadiens-0 (February 1, 2018)

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It’s become clear since the Christmas break that the Canadiens are closer in talent to the teams behind them in the standings than they are among those who are just a ahead of them. That may make happy those who favour going into the tank through the final thirty-one games but it’s depressing the hard core fans to no end.

It’s become the never-ending story. Against Carolina Thursday night, a lot of individual hard work failed to produce a goal.

In the Canadiens last eight road games they have scored a total of eight goals while losing seven times. Three of those eight goals were scored against Washington. In the other seven games they’ve been shut out twice and scored one goal in five.

The Canadiens went into the game with a listed 1.7% chance of making the playoffs. It won’t be long until they will join Ottawa, Buffalo and Arizona at 0.0% chance.


We’ve known for months that the Canadiens are woefully weak at the centre ice position. It was never more apparent then the way the Hurricanes centres outplayed the Canadiens at the position. We can start at faceoffs where the Canadiens won only 10 of 48, a depressing 21%.

The only line that seemed to hold it’s own was the one centered by Tomas Plekanec, probably because Brendan Gallagher was having another one of his nights. But, Carolina centres Jordan Staal and Victor Rask controlled the Paul Byron and Jonathan Drouin lines all night. Their shifts were featured by prolonged and often badly defended stretches inside the Canadiens blue line. I don’t know what to make of the fourth line centred by Byron Froese beyond the fact that they worked hard and totaled 13 hits in the game while playing against Carolina’s fourth line, which it should be mentioned was on the ice for the winning goal.


Jordie Benn was back in the lineup and David Schlemko out. What’s with that? Presumably, Benn learned nothing while watching the Canadiens struggle in St. Louis because he again had major issues. When they were on the ice together, it was Benn who looked like the 19 year old rookie and Victor Mete the veteran.

Once again Jakub Jerabek caught my eye. Jeff Petry continues a string of excellent hockey since Shea Weber went down.

So who gets benched next? Does Claude Julien end Karl Alzner’s iron-man streak.

Considering the Canadiens hopeless status, wouldn’t a call-up of Noah Juulsen for a look be in order? Can’t be any worse that what we’re seeing.


Carey Price has been in an out over the last few weeks. He came into the game with an .878 save percentage over his last seven starts and one victory. But he was good in this game. He had to be. But in the end, thanks to the popgun offense in front of him, he has been on the losing side for seven of his last eight starts.


….Not that it did them any good, the Canadiens outhit the Hurricanes 54-21. In that department, Deslauriers, Carr and Froese led the way with five apiece.

….Paul Byron may be the centre on the line but Charles Hudon, who started his pro career as a centre, takes the faceoffs. He won 4 of 11. Drouin 2 of 9. Froese was 0 for 8.

….Petry, Gallagher and Pacioretty led the way with 4 shots on goal apiece.

….I mentioned I liked Jerabek’s game. He had three hits and three blocked shots. He also made some good plays from his own end.


Super Bowl weekend. Anaheim at the Bell Centre on Saturday afternoon and Ottawa on Sunday. The way things are going, the Ottawa game may be a real test. Those games are two of only three home games the Canadiens have in a ten game span over the next 3 ½ weeks.

4 Comments to “THE NEVERENDING STORY – Carolina-2 Canadiens-0 (February 1, 2018)”

  1. david deVries says:

    The writing was on the wall in the pre-season that this team was going to struggle.
    Another goose egg on the scoreboard. Horrible execution in critical areas of the game.
    Last year it was the coach who everyone wanted fired. This year it is the team that everyone
    wants traded and moved out to Montreal. Might I add they would like to see the General Manger
    on the unemployment line. Major changes need to be done to right a team fans are embarassed
    by their play. There is no excitement over player performance as in the glory days. Now it is
    complaining of having an AHLclaiber team playing in the Bell Centre instead of and NHL team.
    The General Manger killed this season with the trades he made and the signings he didn’t.
    At every level this franchise is failing.

  2. Roy Shroud says:

    The GM position in Montreal has been a shambles since Sammy Pollock departed and the Habs “braintrust” refused to give Scotty Bowman the job cause he favoured trading off the ageing stars for draft picks to rebuild!
    MB is just another in a series of incompetents dating back to Grundman highlited by mystifying trades, poor drafts and a non existent player development program!

  3. Ned Stark says:

    So let me get this straight once again……….We traded our #1 prospect and potential star in Sergatchev for a 3rd line Centre in Drouin. Once heralded by Bergy in acquiring Drouin as the next French saviour of the Team and its #1 Centre. Oh have the mighty fallen. Drouin now soaks up 12-14 mins a night producing minimal Offense mostly on the PP. I was going to say he was “dreadful” in the Faceoff circle but he’s actually worse than that.
    The Team is an utter disgrace right now. Only every once in a while do they come out of the gate with an explosive attack. But as their shots are turned away they begin their retreat. Which is terrible playing inside our blueline. The Defense is in shambles. Everyone including myself continue to be mystified just how bad the Three Stooges cab play each game. Now it’s down to Two Stooges as CJ is swapping out a Stooge per game. Alzner, Benn and Schlemko are the 3 worst defensive players on this team. To be successful you cannot have half of your defensive corps each night missing in action and when they are in action they are: out of the play, turning the puck over, can’t clear the zone(repeatedly), screening our goalie, unable to clear the crease area or just leaving the opposition players wide open with a great shooting lane that ends up in the back of our net.
    So how is JJ still behind the bench supposedly coaching this Teams Defense? That’s one of many problems on this team. No Accountability unless you are a player other than Max or Drouin who don’t have to answer either. This problem starts at the very top with Geoff Molson! His ongoing praise and support for Bergy should be grounds to have him committed. How he can watch this franchise fall further back into the bottom tier of the league and do nothing about it confirms he is the worst choice to be Team President. He seems to be walking in line with all of Bergy’s “Yes Men” he has stacked throughout the organization. Whatever Bergy says or does no one offers to counter the moves because simply they are all buddies, friends, fox hole partners for life. It doesn’t matter that Bergy has the wrong handle on how the game is played today if you are serious about winning. He continues to dig us deeper and deeper into the abyss because he thinks he’s on to something great. Of course we can all see that he is just driving the wrong way down the highway without a care. He has protected himself with the help of the Stooge Owner/Team President that has limited the playing field for a future GM with his “French only” campaign. It protects him and the Team’s coaches from keeping the selection pool for future choices to a bare minimum. You just need to be French speaking and a friend of Bergy and you are set up somewhere in the organization. Results do not matter in this inbred culture. Why? Well this team management talk a good game but really they just continue to lie their way from one problem to the next. Unless you are either mentally challenged, not a fan of the game or blind then you know Bergy’s exclamation that this Defense on the current team is much better than last year’s team is utter bullshit!! He screwed up horribly lady summer on how he managed his team’s personnel. He shabbily mistreated both Markov and Rads. He overpaid once again new players on the team over players that have been here for a healthy stay. He has done that with Shaw, Drouin and Alzner. His two dreams this year of clinching a playoff spot and landing Tavares are laughable to say the least. Meanwhile Rome or Montreal is burning and Bergy hasn’t noticed the fire once again.

    Molson do yourself, the Team, the Organization and the Fans a huge favour and resign your Team President role. Hire a new hockey background man to assume that role. Do not limit yourself to the French Only rule. That has got us nowhere in the last 6 years let alone 25 yrs. Bring in a new man with a clear vision on what the organization needs now and the future. A man who clearly believes in player development from the moment a player has been drafted. Have him bring in his own qualified GM. Once again no restrictions on language. This organization only wants the best of the best going forward. Then fire and remove completely from the organization Bergy and everyone of his Yes men with the organization.

  4. Bay_Bye says:

    like we say..turn out the lights the seasons over..worse defense in NHL…Morrow,Benn Alzner and Schlemko are a disaster and all are totally useless..all are at best 5-6 dmen…none can control puck,pass puck,move the puck, clear front of net,keep up with others forwards,backcheck..hell they really can’t do much…Shae was over termed and overpaid and we gave up too much for him..Drouin should have gotten a bridge deal and proved himself,they sign him to a horrible contract and screwed Chucky on his can bet if he is still a Hab when it runs out he will be running out of Montreal, Alzner was the best available of the worse free agents in the history of the league and got over a 2 mil a year raise with a NTC and shut down as soon as he signed…
    it is obvious Price has no confidence in his defense..heck any goalie in the NHL would be terrible playing with this group..Molson needs to sell, MB,CJ, Lefebvre all need to go…things are gloomy

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