CAUGHT SHORT AGAIN – Philadelphia-3 Canadiens-2 (Overtime) Feb. 20, 2018

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Montreal Canadiens’

Carey Price gave the Canadiens a rare good night. The Canadiens held a lead going into the final two minutes of the game and they lost. How familiar is that story?

Price kept the game close but never was there a sense that the Canadiens were ever off the brink simply because the talent gulf between the Canadiens and the Flyers was too vast to ever give any comfort level.

The Canadiens can only dream of having the strength down the middle that exists in Philadlephia.  The Flyers are getting consistent scoring from their top six forwards. The only Canadiens forward producing on a consistent basis is Brendan Gallagher. The Flyers have a chance to win the Metropolitan Division. Hard reality.  The only drama left for the Canadiens in this messy season is the draft lottery.


Price got the Canadiens a point in Philadelphia Tuesday, but it’s still a loss, his tenth in a row on the road. Price can share some of the blame with his teammates for some of those defeats but ultimately, as it was in this game, the team is so offensively bereft, Price is never left with any wriggle room.  For most of the night Flyers owned the Canadiens zone, especially down low. Price stood in even after he took a hard shot off his face mask in early in the second period.  While Price was having his better nights, it was the same old with the offense.  The best it could give him was a 2-1 lead going into the final two minutes.



We constantly talk about the Canadiens centre ice issues but, down the road, the defense may be an even greater problem.

Price is about to enter into a ten million dollar contract. Unless something is done about those whose job it is to give him at least an average amount of protection, his statistics will continue to look like those of a barely adequate NHL backup goaltender.

I have no idea what scouting report Marc Bergevin was reading when he decided that David Schlemko would be an adequate replacement for Andrei Markov. It may be too early to assess Mikhail Sergachev for Jonathan Drouin but so far there’s been a vast difference in their respective performances so far. this season.   On a good team Jordie Benn’s periodic brain cramps would relegate him to a third pairing at best.  Karl Alzner gets some cover from Jeff Petry but he’s also inconsistent.  Joe Morrow played over 18 minutes in this game, which is hard to fathom, especially with Jakub Jerabek sitting in the press box for the eighth straight game.

What we’re left with as we look toward next season is Jeff Petry – who had another very good game; a healthy Shea Weber and the hope that Victor Mete continues to progress. After that Price should run for cover.


…..The Flyers swon 57 % of the faceoffs.  The Canadiens are about to trade Tomas Plekanec. It will only get worse in that department.

….Phillip Danault returned to the lineup and showed the rust from missing fifteen games. Considering history I was surprised Claude Julien put him on a line with Alex Galchenyuk, but at least for this game, they seemed to have some chemistry that didn’t exist earlier.

….Jeff Petry scored his career high 9th goal although I have no idea what he was doing in front of the Flyers net deflecting Karl Alzner’s shot.

….Paul Byron took a terrible offensive zone holding penalty that led to the Flyers first goal. On the road the Canadiens penalty killers are now operating at under 70%. Only Arizona is worse.

…..We had a rare Max Pacioretty sighting in the first period but it was a fleeting one. By the second half of the game he had faded back into the woodwork. Three shots on goal. None listed as dangerous although he had a chance from the slot early in the second period that the goaltender saw all the way. It’s now ten games without a goal.

…..It’s been almost eight years since the Canadiens won a game in regulation at Philadelphia.


The Canadiens now face four in a row at home starting with the Rangers Thursday, Tampa Saturday and Philadelphia next Tuesday. There’s a real dog fight for what would be the third ranking in the draft lottery which is currently held by Ottawa, one point behind the Canadiens, Vancouver and Edmonton.

3 Comments to “CAUGHT SHORT AGAIN – Philadelphia-3 Canadiens-2 (Overtime) Feb. 20, 2018”

  1. david deVries says:

    Some how I knew the Canadiens were going to lose this game.
    They could not keep a lead with less than 2 minutes to play in the game.
    Something is wrong with this team mentally. No confidence, no mental toughness
    to believe in themselves and persevere. Philly never gave up in the game- the Canadiens did.
    The defense is horrible to watch game in and game out.
    The only good thing about losing is getting a top draft pick. I guess that is what the players
    are playing for. I would be ashamed to be a part of this team. There is no pride in their play.

  2. Ned Stark says:

    I love that picture on the front of the article with Alzner. I’ve seen that same picture all year with Alzner out of position and the puck in our net. This guy has been atrocious all year but gets so much help from Petry writers continue to say his play is inconsistent. This guy truly would be lucky to be a 3rd pairing guy on a decent team. But some how Bergy grossly overpays this guy – bad! Over terms this stiff – more bad and somehow Alzner lets Bergy give him as well a NTC – Fireable Offense on Bergy. This cheap and stupid bastard won’t play guys loyal to the team and wanted to be here taking this team forward. Instead he basically tells Markov and Rads to piss off. Then he brings in Hemsky, Morrow, Alzner and Schlemko – another Fireable Offense.
    I just don’t know how stupid Molson is that he can’t see any of this stuff playing out in front of him. Does he run his other businesses with such reckless carelessness? Does he even admit he owns this team when he’s introducing himself to new people? I doubt it because that’s what you’d expect from a spineless hack who doesn’t have the guts to take any actions except talking like a parrot to the press: ” I’m very happy with the job Marc Bergevin is doing with our team”. I’m not sure if he’s bright enough to understand the NHL standings. I have to think no otherwise he’d have some pride and moxy and take the necessary actions to make constructive improvements to this team’s personnel and management. But he continues to move forward doing absolutely nothing which shows his true colours that he’s a money whore. As long as he’s getting sell outs at the Bell Centre that means he’s making lots of money to add to that salary cap savings pool of $8.5 million already in the bank. All this proves Is that he’s in it for the money. Whether the team is in first place like last year or in the toilet again this year he’s still getting full houses and that means the cash registers are jammed full of money. So in his infantile mind he’s in the money.

    ** The writer of this article made a comment that Pleks is getting dealt very soon. Where is that info coming from? Everything I’ve read in th last week says that Shaw and Pleks are now not available but Gally27 is very much up for grabs. You watch Bergevin is going to extend Pleks once again!

  3. Bay_Bye says:

    Morrow is not even an AHL player,why is he playing so much and Jerabek sitting..Jerabek will be gone after this year as he has a one year contract and someone will gladly want him…but Morrow is Julien’s pet project..he was on the ice for the overtime winner by Philly…why??? Alnzer is un-tradeable as Bergy overtermed and overpaid him and gave him a NTC…he shut down as soon as he signed on the dotted line..Benn and Schlemko also need to go….and if they can find someone to take Webers contract they should.
    Julien needs to go as his style of play is ancient and not for present day NHL..he was hired too close to his firing in Boston….Droiun is so far not the next Great French Canadian as Bergy dubbed him…time for Julien,Bergy and Lefebvre to all go

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