GAME #7 – A Point The Hard Way – Ottawa-4 Canadiens-3 (Overtime) Oct. 20, 2018)

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The Canadiens played their style game for maybe ten minutes. After that it got away from them and it cost them an overtime point.

Admittedly it could have been worse. And a road point is nothing to sneeze at in today’s NHL. Still, the result could have been better.


At the ten minute mark of the first period the Canadiens were outshooting the Senators 12-4 and were leading 2-1. For reasons that never seem to be explainable the Canadiens stopped moving the puck which is their signature improvement over the mess of last year. Through the game’s final 50 minutes and the overtime Ottawa outshot the Canadiens 30-15.


The Canadiens didn’t do enough in this game to get into overtime. They can thank Carey Price and his work in the third period for actually getting them there.

Most memorable of three important Ottawa scoring chances in the third was his scrambling, diving, flopping play around the ten minute mark.

I’m sure Price would like to have all four goals back but only one of them he might look at and say “I should have had that one” was the Senators second goal. On that one he pulled away from the short side post and was down on a shot by Mikkel Boedker. Not much he could do about the two Mark Stone goals including the game winner and the Duchene power play goal was the result of slick three way passing.


As a whole this was not the defence’s finest hour.

I thought the third pairing of Jordie Benn and Maxim Ouellet was okay. Oullet has been surprisingly useful.

Otherwise there were issues.

I wonder what Karl Alzner‘s future with this team can be. On the Senator’s first goal, Alzner’s soft pass behind the net was intercepted by Stone who ultimately scored on a setup by Chris Tierney. There’s a lack of quickness to Alzner‘s game that just doesn’t fit into what Claude Julien is trying to do. Add to that the sometimes dangerous way his partner Jeff Petry plays and there can be, and last night were, problems.

I thought Noah Juulsen had an off night as well. Victor Mete was not in the lineup again.


Will the real Jonathan Drouin please stand up.

We were hoping that what we saw in the previous two games was the new and improved Jonthan Drouin. Seems like it was merely a mirage. He returned to his old form in this game. Back to his junior habit of overhandling the puck. He produced one shot on goal and was mostly invisible.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi made a great play under pressure to start the sequence leading to the Canadiens third goal. He had a few of those moments in the game. Have you noticed how often he falls? That’s probable a function of the fact he’s still barely 18 and weighing 185 lbs.

It’s really hard to pick on fourth lines. Nicolas Deslaurier played in his first game wearing a full cage to protect that facial fracture. Not much there. And, with Plekanec out, Peca moved back to centre where I don’t think he really belongs.

If Plekanec’s back problem persists, why not give Scherbak a try before they lose him? Can he have a lesser impact than Deslaurier?


….Oh those faceoff statistics! Worst in the league. 42% in this game. Danault‘s face-off loss to Matt Duchene led directly to the overtime winning goal. The Canadiens won only 34% of their defensive zone face-offs (8 of 22 attempts).

….The Canadiens allowed a power play goal in their fourth consecutive game. They’ve given up six in seven games and opponents are scoring at 28%. The power play isn’t much better. Special teams the Canadiens are minus-2 through seven games.

….Another first assist for Tomas Tatar his team leading 8th point of the season. That line with Danault and Gallagher was again the Canadiens best, producing nine shots on goal.

….Joel Armia and Danault led the Canadiens with five shots each. Four of Armia‘s five shots came in the first period.

….Deslaurier and Petry led with four hits each. Alzner and Juulsen blocked three shots each. Alzner had three posted giveaways.

….The only centre that came reasonably close to winning 50% of his faceoffs was Max Domi at 47% (8 of 17 attempts). Danault was at 44 percent (11 of 25).


The Canadiens are home to Calgary on Tuesday night before games in Buffalo and Boston Thursday and Saturday. When all is said and done, through seven games the Canadiens have still lost only one game in regulation time (4-1-2). Enjoy it while you can. There will some rough patches ahead.

3 Comments to “GAME #7 – A Point The Hard Way – Ottawa-4 Canadiens-3 (Overtime) Oct. 20, 2018)”

  1. david deVries says:

    Great start what looked like a blowout game for Canadiens
    and then that quickly the tires went flat.
    If they do not play uptempo game they are in trouble.
    Alzner would look great in a Laval Rocket jersey.
    Let’s hope he at some point has a change in jerseys.
    Petry will need to be set out to practice shooting, all day, at hitting the net.
    Luke Richardson will then have to take him aside and tell him when and how
    to shoot in OT.
    Why, why, why, do the Canadiens have such a difficult time playing Ottawa?
    My hat off to Mark Stone. What an impact player. He delivered the goods for
    the Senators in the game.
    I am glad Canadiens at lease left with one point in the bank.

  2. Ned Stark, Warden of the North says:

    Similar to David D’s post above I too thought we were off to the races and a romp win over the home-town Sens. After a 3-1 lead after 1st period Julien told the room to take it easy as they still had 75 games yet to play. Sure enough you could read the script on how the final periods would play out. We saw an example of this happening earlier in the week vs the Blues. You know 1 goal lead and just the 3rd period to play. I mean you’d have to be wondering who was behind our bench: Jacques Martin, Michelle Theffien or Claude Julienn.

    The Case of the Once Again Missing Supposed French SuperStar??? No,not an Agatha Chrisie mystery????? But I’m starting to question the following: What’s up with Julien? This is the 2nd time that Drouin has pulled this Casper the Missing Ghost crap as he goes MIA on his line-mates/Team-mates!! & Julien continues to do nothing about it??? I thought Ducharme was up on the HABS bench because of his past association with Drouin. So why is Drouin floating and not being the Offensive Force Bergy promised us? I’m starting to think that this team will continue to come up short in key games, in trying to make the playoffs with Julien behind our bench. He still is preaching the same crap! We’ve got Price in the net so that’s enough
    For this team to win games. That’s what Martin and Therrien did too! Did that work out well?
    Meanwhile, we have Bouchard in Laval taking no prisoners with his players for: lack of hustle, lack of Accountablity and not standing up for fellow team-mates. Do you really think he’d put up with that powder puff Drouin’s antics??? I don’t think so for one moment!!! That’s the problem. Julien plays favourites. Hudon is stuck done on the 4th line seeing little ice time and hard to generate any Offense.But Julien thinks he’s not playing hard enough so he gets yanked out of the lineup. Yet Drouin gets to skate free. This can’t continue or it is going to turn the team inside out. There is no reason for this to happen especially if Julien would just do his job especially if he wants to get the HABS to the playoffs.
    Bottom line the Sergatchev for Drouin trade is looking like an epic fail for Bergy once again!!!

  3. Ned Stark, Warden of the North says:

    So saw a Headlinein a hockey website basically asking Is Marc Bergevin finally off the hot seat in Montreal??

    Seriously, like as if his buddy Geoff Molson kno what that is in the fist place? But for us that know a resounding YES!! His ass should be firmly planted onto a very hot seat. Yah he thinks this quick and successful start of the season is all due to his efforts and he can sit back and put the feet up while patting himself on the back. I’m sorry but he needs to get off his fat ass and take care of some pressing issues for this team. Namely:
    1) a little over a year ago Bergy traded our top prospect – Sergatchev to Tampa for Tampa malcontent Johnny Drouin. Yup Bergy said the trade would make us the impact team in the East with the next great French Canadien SuperStar Jonthan Drouin AND he was also a #1 Centre!! He was so proud of this accomplishment!! What a spring he was having! Yah – got rid of Sergatchev, moved Beaulieau, got rid of Emelin and said thanks but no thanks to extending long time fav Andrei Markov. So yah in the blink of an eye he got rid of 3 defensemen and our top prospect who happened to be a potential Top pairing defender as well. So that’s 4 defenders gone in a blink of an eye. Oh right……..he signed Karl “Healthy Scratch” Alzner.
    But I digress…….the real issue is the softest, laziest player on the HABS namely Johnny Drouin. Bergy said he was a #1 Centre so we took his word. So once the trade was completed Bergy was so proud of himself that he immediately signed Drouin to a 6 yr – $33mil deal. So on one hand Bergy was cheap with his own players as in Markov & Radulov but was extremely forth giving to someone who had not played Game 1 for the HABS!! So what did we get back for this X trembly well paid(over paid)next French SuperStar? Well in a nutshell we received back from Johnny D: an extremely poor return. For one he didn’t even score 20 goals!! He couldn’t win a Faceoff against his shadow. He skated on the 1st line most of the season but at times he was on the 2nd. Didn’t matter to him especially on Road Games where he’d pull his Casper the Ghost act and disappear on a regular basis. Accountability: Zero, none, nada or however you want to call it. As far as he was concerned he was King Shit and did whatever he wanted…….even if that wasn’t vey good. Since he was Bergy’s Pet he by association became Julien’s Pet as well. So he didn’t pay any price for coasting out there all season. When Bergy was asked about his low offensive numbers his stock answer was pure bull shit!! Oh Drouin was overwhelmed being a local boy and coming back to Montreal was really difficult for him. Or, he’s trying to establish new chemistry with so many players and that takes time……. Say 10-12 yrs????
    So after last year’s disaster Bergy went on to tell the press and fans that what happened to the team this year was not his fault BUT it was the fault of: Price not winning enough games for the Team. Of course Bergy was right again. I mean Price didn’t even score 20 goals last season just like someone else……oh ya Johnny D!!!!!
    Bergy also wanted to point out that the players all except one guy( I won’t mention his name to protect him but his last name rimes with “ruin”. So yah all the guys on the team had bad attitudes.! Yup….especially a guy like #11Gallagher….smallest guy on the team and battles every shift, every game, in the toughest spots on the ice against the biggest guys in the league. Yah he’s got a bad attitude……plus he led the team in scoring over 30 goals!!
    Ok Bergy!! You wanted better attitudes, more hustle………..AND You Got it in spades!!! Well almost. One guy on the team didn’t get the message. Yup Johnny D. He’s having a lot of the same problems with this thing called “hustle”. He didn’t sign up for that!! Yup Johnny D. started off invisible for a few games. Then he seemed to snap out of it……for about 2 games and then he shook that off and returned to his more comfy routine of just playing like crap. But something was supposed to be different this year. Oh ya, Bergy hired another coach – a French one to babysit Johnny D. Apparently, they were minder – keeper in a different life. Bergy hired Ducharme as one of the reasons was he had coached him in Junior. The simple thinking was that Ducharme could coax the best out of Johnny D. But so far neither of them are pulling their weight. What makes this even worse is that last weekend Julien took Hudon out of the line-up because he didn’t think he was pulling his weight yet Drouin continues to get the “Free Passes”…. Bergy was concerned with the Team’s attitude last year. Well he has to get moving and address this issue with both Ducharme, Julien and Johnny D. Otherwise we are going to have a guy that will be lucky to generate 40 pts this year. It is totally unfair to every other player on this team that are working their asses off while the Prima Donna does what he wants out there. As they say there is no “I” in team. This is Bergevin’s mess and he needs to be part of the solution. Johnny D. with that $5.5mil contract for the next 5 yrs is untradeable. No one is going to overpay for an extmely soft player. How soft? Eggs out of the carton are tougher than Johnny D. is on any given day. If he can skate away from contact he will do it no problem. He’s basically a little bit taller and talented than DD was but basically the same. You know he only comes inside our blueline for the Pre-game skate. So if Bergy seriously is having thoughts of a playoff run this year then he needs to act fast and light that blow torch under Johnny D’s ass and get him to shape up or ship out.
    A side note to this situation: Joel Bouchard the Laval Rockets GM and Coach has been implementing an ACCOUNTABILITY character trait with that team. He will not stand for lack of effort in either end, for not standing up to support your Linemates and fellow teammates. If Drouin was there believe me his lackadaisical style of play would not be tolerated. Believe me that the whole Rockets team and the HABS team sans Johnny D are also very aware of this. When is Bergy and Julien/Ducharme going to get onto the same page????????

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