GAME #70 – PRICE MAKES HISTORY – Canadiens-3 Detroit-1 (March 12, 2019)

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Carey Price had to work harder that we might have expected in order to nail down his record setting 315th career victory.

Among the 21 shots he faced, eight were high danger scoring chances. With the game still scoreless he stopped Justin Abdelkader on a 2-on-1 that might have changed the complexion of the game. A minute later Max Domi scored the game’s first goal.

It was in the third period with the Canadiens leading 2-1 that Price really got the “Carey, Carey” chants going.

Todd Bertuzzi had clear breakaway all the way from centre ice and made all of the right moves to tie the game except Price got his left pad out to stop him.

That was just the beginning. The rebound came right over to Frans Nielsen. Somehow Price got his stick his shot before flopping flat on his back to smother Thomas Vanek‘s attempt.

During 315 career wins we’ve seen this dozens of times.. It never gets old.


You can argue that Jonathan Drouin has the Canadiens best puck handling skills. If true, Max Domi is a close second. The difference between the two; Drouin is missing Domi’s competitiveness, motivation and puck sense.

Once again Domi scored a critical goal. The Canadiens had complete territorial control through the first half of the game with a puck possession Corsi-rate of 69% but they were making things easy on Jonathan Bernier with poorly directed and easilyhandled shots. Domi took care of that going right to the goalmouth to deflect Andrew Shaw‘s pass. He added his 24th goal into the empty net. Domi had six shots on goal.


I don’t know what think of Drouin. He did all kinds of fancy things with the puck and again accomplished nothing. He has no goals and four assists his last 13 games, all of the assist in the Detroit game two weeks ago. Not only that, he seems to be dragging down Kotkaniemi and Armia who in most games have always been to be in the 60% Corsi possession range. Against Detroit Tuesday night the line was 44%, the only Canadiens line below 60%.


Who knows whether their acquisition is going be enough to get the Canadiens into the playoffs, but Jordan Weal and Nate Thompson have really changed the face of what was a nearly useless fourth line. Both Nicolas Deslauriers and Dale Weise were in the press box and the line of Weal, Thompson and Lehkonen had a really good night. An indication of how Claude Julien feels about the three of them; both Thompson and Weal logged 1:54 penalty killing time, Lehkonen 2:00. And Julien put Weal and Lehkonen on the ice in the final minute with the Detroit net empty. It was Weal that made that good play off the boards to send Domi in for his empty net goal. Weal also hit a goalpost in the second period.


….Weal won six of eight faceoffs while Thompson won five of seven (together 73%).

….It wasn’t a particularly good night for the slower members of the Canadiens defence, especially Jordie Benn. It was Benn that coughed up the puck that led to that near critical third period Tyler Bertuzzi breakaway. Shea Weber also had trouble with Detroit speed but also produced six shots on goal.

….Brett Kulak did some good things in the game, including posting the game winning goal. Kulak also got turned inside out and failed to take out Andreas Anasathiou on his third period goal.

….The win was the Canadiens ninth in a row over Detroit dating back to March 21st 2017.During that streak the Canadiens have outscored the Wings 48-18. The last time Detroit won at the Bell Centre was December 4th, 2007. Dominik Hasek was the winning goaltender over Price. 44 year old Chris Chelios was named the game’s third star.

….Tomas Tatar assisted on the first two goals. He has put up eight points in four games against the Wings since he was traded (2 goals; 6 assists). His 28 assists are a career high. He needs six points to reach his career-points high (56).

….Along with putting in another of his competitive games and producing four shots on goal and a team leading three high danger chances, Brendan Gallagher also drew second assist on the winning goal. Gallagher has nine goals his last eight games vs. the Wings.

….Price is 8-0-1 with a .942 save percentage in his last nine games at home.


Columbus and Pittsburgh also won Tuesday night. The Canadiens remain tied with the Blue Jackets with 79 points but Columbus has the second wild-card berth because of the regulation/overtime wins (ROW) tiebreaker which favours the Blue Jackets 38-35.

The Canadiens will play the first of their two remaining games with the Islanders in New York Thursday before returning home to meet Chicago Saturday night.

It is often said that 95 is the points cutoff for making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. If it holds up again this season the Canadiens will need to put up sixteen points through their final twelve games. Considering the fact that nine of those games are against teams ahead of them in the standings, this is not going to be easy.

3 Comments to “GAME #70 – PRICE MAKES HISTORY – Canadiens-3 Detroit-1 (March 12, 2019)”

  1. david deVries says:

    The Canadiens performance in the game, for me, was disappointing.
    They should have handily put away a struggling Red Wing team.
    If not for Price’s performance they could have lost the game.
    They have to play better than they did Tuesday night if they are going
    to have any chance of making the Play-offs.
    Carey Price is now the goalie with the most wins in Canadiens history.
    Is he the greatest? That I would not call him. He has been successful
    but the greatest is another matter. He never played without a mask or
    was innovative like Plante. The Canadiens have had many great goalies
    and I would like to call Price one of them-but not the greatest.
    Ron, thanks for your comments on Drouin. He has not performed
    adequately, he makes the same moves every game skating around
    in circles and accomplishing nothing. Weal a fourth liner in our performing

  2. Philip Turnbull says:

    Montreal needs to think strongly of moving Drouin this summer as he will never pan out…his attitude has followed him since b4 Junior…he looks nice out there but does nothing and will never be the Next Great French Canadian that Bergevin anointed him when he traded for him

  3. Ned Stark, Warden says:

    Totally agree with Phillip Turnbull on the get Drouin out of here. I’ve been banging that drum since the trade was announced. I never liked it because we dealt from an area of weakness and made it worse by the trade in sending Sergatchev the other way. Drouin was brought in specifically because he was a French Canadian. The offense and hair flowing in the breeze was just secondary. Bergy said he was going to be the next great French Canadian SuperStar just like Lafleur. This and that he would be the team’s #1 Centre.Bergy then on the day of the trade works out an overpaid 6 yr deal paying this turd $5.5Mil/season. Funny when someone new comes on board Bergy gets new deals done in a matter of hours. They all end up being bad overpayments. Meanwhile existing team players have to jump thru hoops to get a deal done.Of course Drouin didn’t give a sh#t about playing centre……well until the last 3 wkks or o of the season. Wanted people to think on him with a positive spin so he wouldn’t get traded in the off season. Of course that wouldn’t happen as he’s Bergy’s little Pet!!

    Drouin has a lot of hockey skills at his disposal. Speed, a decent shot etc…..he could be the Habs version of the Leafs Mitch Marner. But Drouin lacks heart, courage and a brain. He plays out on the perimeter. You nevefr see him in a scrmble in front of the net…..until the play has been whistled and then he skates thru that area. He’s a phony! Bergy and his coaches all lamented on Gally27’s lack of defensive work. But they are total hypocrites when it come’s to Drouin’s lack of defense. He’s slow to get back and when he does he is always moving towards the puck. He leaves his pointman open, hes not on the boards to collect the outlet pass from one of his defensemen. When he does carry the puck up ice he looks fantastic…well until he reaches our blueline. He has a case of Weberitis and has to get rid of the puck at that point. On the few times he does carry it up he looks fine until a defender comes at him. He then hits the brakes and turns into the boards and then either dribbles the puck away or gives it away. It doesn’t matter to him AS LONG AS HE ISNT HURT!! That’s why he looks so good in OT because of all the open ice. Not that he doesn’t do anything with it. He did get lucky in our last game vs EDM in this situation but the Edm defender played his hand poorly allowing Drouin to get into the middle of the slot and he did score…tht was his last goal I believe.

    Most guys when they get traded they can’t wait to face their old team to show what a mistake they made. NOT our boy Drouin. He has yet to show up for a game against Tampa whether it is at home or away. You can almost see TB Coach Jon Cooper smirking watching Drouin “play??” in those games and thinking Im glad I don’t have to coach that POS anymore. Stevie Y totally fleeced Bergy on this deal. # yrs ago when Drouin got sent back to the AHL team Bergy sent Asst GM/VP Rick Dudley to scout him. You notice the coincidence here? Dudley was sent packing and Drouin is here unfortunately. Bergy apparently didn’t like Dudly’s report so he got rid of him.
    As well as not showing up for games vs Tampa Drouin also doesn’t show up for games against: Teams ahead of us in the standings, bigger teams like the Ducks, physical teams that finish their checks like Bos and Philly and very important games – 4 pointers etc. How a guy can’t get his game up facing his old team, facing Crosby & Malkin etc etc. is really sad. But Coach Julien doesn’t believe in accountability when it comes to #92. Other guys of course!! They get benched, scratched to the press box or sent to Laval but not the wee Golden Boy!!
    In last season’s year end presser Bergy used the theme of Bad Attitude and not playing to their best. He made a point of calling guys out publicly like Price, Petry and just a wee bit on Alzner(whoops that was Bergy’s fault) but no mention of Le Grand Floater/Cherry Picker. In about 3 1/2 weeks he’ll do the same and I can guarantee the Golden Child wont be named.No he’ll pick on the same guys and maybe rundown K2 and some of the other guys but not any French players.

    If you have noticed of late Julien has moved Drouin around a bit. He was always on either the Top line or the second line. But on the recent Road Trip CJ moved him down to the 3rd line. Meanwhile the top two lines played a ton better without him…..until he got moved up. But on the 3rd line he just killed it. K2 just loks disorganized with Drouin supposedly on his wing. But that didn’t bother CJ….he just benched K2 after 2 periods tonite…qctually it was in the 2nd period and moved the new guy we got from Zona into his place. But that didn’t work either so Julien moved Drouin up….and that didn’t work either! Surprize? Hardly!!
    I feel bad for K2….Julien singled himout as looking tired before they went West. He then should have left him at home with the training staff. But no he dragged him out west and then in the last game he throws him in….he could have used other guys but no Julien doesn’t know what hes doing.

    Bergy has been hiding away. So happy with his deadline deals – -> acquired 3 – 4th liners and 1 3rd pairing defensemen. Yup that’s what we really needed. We’re now almost thru year 7 of Bergy’s original 5 yr plan the day he was hired. Sounds like we need more 4th liners this off season……

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