Expect Yannick Weber to play his third straight game on the Canadiens defence tomorrow night against the Ottawa Senators. 

This may be causing a great deal of consternation among P.K. Subban fans, but Weber has unquestionably earned another start.   It is also a testament to a deep Montreal farm system that can produce two strong replacements for all-star Andrei Markov.   

Subban is going to have to be patient, work hard and wait until, either Weber has a bad game or the Canadiens lose a game.  It’s all part of the rookie process.  From this vantage point, it looks like both of them will be key parts of the Canadiens defence by next year.

Right now, Weber is going to be hard to move.

Against a passive New Jersey Devils on Friday night, the well-known offensive side of Weber’s game came to the fore. Of the seven shots he took in the game, a game-high six were on-goal.  Saturday against San Jose, Weber found himself up against a team that was prepared to grind it out with a tough forechecking presence. Another facit of his game emerged, one that had not been much reported.  With the Sharks in his face all afternoon,  he was forced into a turnover just once; he recorded two hits and blocked three shots.  He was on the ice for all three goals and his plus-3 is a season high among rookie defensemen this season.  He is part of a group with four others including, ironically, P.K. Subban.  P.K. was plus-3 against Ottawa October 16th. 

P.K. Subban fans should take Carey Price’s advice and “just chill out.”  He’ll be back.  With seven solid defensemen, for the next little while we will be seeing a three way rotation within the third unit of  Weber, Subban and  Alexandre Picard.  Still,  injuries to members of the Montreal defence corps  are coming.  Last year, the five main members of the Canadiens defence excluding Markov, lost eighty-six man-games to injury.  .  

It’s a long season.   Be assured everybody is going to get his share of ice time.