A day in the gym for the Canadiens after a grinding win over the Bruins last night. The team about to embark on it’s now traditional Christmas interrupted long road trip. Seven games, three of them that will seem like home games. There’ll be a heavy contingent of Canadiens fans at Long Island on Boxing day and in Tampa and Sunrise Florida on December 30th and 31st.

Carey Price will get all of the starts next week leading up to Christmas. According Martin, Alex Auld will get a start in one of the four games the following week, probably in one of the Florida games which are back to back.

Last year the Canadiens won six of their seven games on the trip, thanks in large part to the work of Jaroslav Halak. There are some who think the road trip was a bonding mission that brought Bob Gainey’s re-assembled team together. It may have bonded teammates but it didn’t make the team winners. They still had trouble grasping Jacques Martin’s coaching philosophy; something that didn’t seem to materialize until the playoffs.