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The absence of Jaroslav Spacek finally cost the Canadiens a possible playoff win last night. 

 In a 1-0 game, “little things mean a lot” as the old song goes.

 The absences of defencemen Andrei Markov and Jaroslav Spacek finally cost the Canadiens a possible playoff win last night. 

 Hal Gill got a penalty for holding Sydney Crosby with 12 seconds left in the second period of a scoreless game.  

 As the period ended Sydney Crosby started whining to the referees (again) about, what he says was a stick to the back of the head.  In the ensuing melee, Josh Gorges was given a co-incidental roughing penalty with the Penguins Kris Letang.  That meant the Canadiens were to start the second period with both of their shutdown defencemen, Gorges and Gill, in the penalty box. 

Here’s the footage of the incident.  Crosby did take what seemed to be an accidental stick on the back of his helmet from Brian Gionta.   Nothing serious, but Crosby  embellished it, and got away with it as only he can.

 The third period started with Subban and Hamrlik on the penalty killing unit with Plekanec and Pyatt.  At the 38 second mark, play was whistled dead.  The coaching staff replaced Plekanec and Pyatt with Gomez and Gionta but elected to leave Subban and Hamrlik on the ice rather than go to the riskier pairing of Ryan O’Byrne and Marc-Andre Bergeron. 

Twenty-eight seconds later the Penguins scored when the defence failed to clear Crosby out of the way to give Halak and clear view of Evgeni Malkin’s fifty footer.   Subban and Hamrlik were on the ice for 1:16 and paid the price.

 Blame coaching.  Blame the lack of options presented by the absence of Spacek.  Blame bad fortune.  Blame all of it.  

Doesn’t take much to lose a game in the playoffs.

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  1. shannon says:

    The Canadien’s left Subban and Hamerlik on the ice to long.. Mind you, I have noticed that line changes take to long ( on the Canadiens front- when you are looking for a pass, Oops they are on a line change at the bench!) on a PP. I still think Gill is improving and has proven himself, but my question is did we really miss Spacek? We missed some opportunites with the penalties we had but… would Spacek really have helped. I guess we will see what happens tonight-

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