Josh Gorges’ knee locked up on him during that Boxing Day loss to the Islanders and, as it turned out, his season was ended. There were signs that something was bothering him in the two or three weeks leading up to the injury and he was periodically missing practices for therapy days, which is always an precursor.

Today we found out, if we didn’t know before, that Gorges is a pretty tough guy. This knee problem has existed since 2002 when he tore his ACL playing with the junior Kelowna Rockets. In the eight years since, he’s hardly missed a game. He had a 150 game streak going with the Canadiens before he came out of the lineup after Christmas.

Gorges is now finished for the season. Next week he’ll undergo the same re-constructive surgery that Andrei Markov had last month.  He won’t be playing again until next season.  Between now and then Gorges will become a restricted free agent.  Both the Canadiens and Gorges have stated they would like to continue their relationship next season if possiible.  He’s earning 1.1 million dollars this season.

Obviously it takes a lot to get Gorges to take a night off, witness this incident last February against the Washington Capitals.  Gorges did not miss a game.

Or this one in February of 2009, when Denis Gauthier of Los Angeles levelled him with a head shot.