Georges Laraque may be gone but we certainly can’t forget him.  First of all, on every game-night Canadiens/NHL roster report since Bob Gainey, in effect, fired him back in mid-January his name is included on the list of team scratches for the night.  That’s because Laraque remains, on paper at least, a part of the team until the Canadiens can buy out his contract in July.

But Georges hasn’t been idle.  Since he was labeled a “distraction” by Canadiens management, he’s been busy with animal rights groups  and a charity he formed called Hockey For Haiti which was established to aid  earthquake victims in the country of his parents.

To that end Laraque has persuaded a number of NHL stars to donate game-worn Olympic team jerseys to an eBay auction to raise money for Haitian relief.  Over the next seven days Sidney Crosby and Roberto Luongo’s will be among the Team Canada jerseys  to go on the block.  The following week it will be US team jerseys. Subsequently, Sweden and Russia.  A total of 140 jerseys will be offered.

Hockey for Haiti will be donating the proceeds to the World Vision charity to help build a clinic and reconstruct a children’s hospital which was destroyed by the January earthquake.  The NHL Player’s association has also pledged 100-thousand dollars to the charity.

This is the eBay posting for Roberto Luongo’s jersey –