The NHL fined Andrew Ference 2500 dollars for his one fingered salute to Canadiens fans last night at the Bell Centre.  Under the CBA that’s the most a player can be fined unless there’s a suspension involved.

Another case of “selective punishment” by the league?  You betcha.

In October, while he was still with the Islanders, James Wisniewski was suspended for two games for what they called an “obscene gesture” directed at Sean Avery of the Rangers.  That cost Wisniewski $79,000 in salary.

Not that I think he should have been suspended.  It’s just that, again the league demonstrates it’s unbelievably erratic disciplinary policy.  Wisniewski’s target was another player.  Ference’s target was the people who pay the freight.

Ference’s explanation is hilarious.  He said after the game, “I think my glove got caught up there, pumping my fist. I don’t score too many goals.’’  Some kind of wardrobe malfunction?  Anyone who has worn a hockey glove knows it takes a lot of work to get a middle finger into “salute” position.   .

Equally comical is the way English television censored the “offending” gesture by pixilating subsequent replays.   Puh-leez!!

In any case, who cares?  Let’s get on with the series.

Here’s the video, in case you missed it.