68 - Yannick Weber

According to his hometown newspaper, the Berner Zeitung,  Canadiens defenseman Yannick Weber is on the verge of signing a two year – one way contract with the Canadiens.  If true, it means the Canadiens have no plans to send Weber to Hamilton next season.  If unsigned Weber would become a restricted free agent on July first.  Last season he played forty-four games with the Canadiens splitting time between defense and forward. 

Weber will be signing his second contract with the Canadiens.  Upon graduation from Kitchener of the OHL, he inked a three year two-way contract that paid hime 65,000 dollars annually in the American Hockey League and 875,000 dollars including bonuses on a pro-rated basis, when he played for the Canadiens.

The Canadiens have three Swiss-born players under contract, including the recently signed defenseman Rafael Diaz and forward Alain Berger.  Hamilton goaltender Robert Mayer is a Swiss citizen, although born in the Czech Republic.