Is it time for Jacques Martin to make some roster moves in light of the 6-0 beating handed his team last night in Philadelphia.   

The Flyers clearly dominated the Canadiens physically, but it seemed more a case of the Habs failing to offer any sort of push-back than a special Philadelphia gameplan.  After all, it wasn’t until the second period that the Flyers realized they could have their way with impunity.

And if Martin elects to make adjustments, where does he start?  His entire team  was substandard in game one. You can’t replace them all.

Off day practice was optional today.   On the ice were the reserves, Ben Maxwell, Sergei Kostitsyn, Ryan O’Byrne plus Paul Mara.  The fourth liners, Glen Metropolit, Mathieu Darche and Benoit Pouliot joined in.  And Jaroslav Spacek also took part. 

Logic would say, if there’s going to be a change, because of his size it would involve Ryan O’Byrne.   

The return of Hal Gill and Jaroslav Spacek and the play of P.K. Subban relegated O’Byrne to the bench the last two games.  Somehow his defensive mistakes didn’t take on the same importance when he was paired with Andrei Markov.  Still, a 6’5” body along the blueline might be a situation changer, especially if Martin takes the game Subban had last night as a sign that the rookie is hitting the wall.  

Considering that Pouliot and Darche have become two-minute players for the most part in the playoff scheme, would it be worthwhile seeing if Sergei Kostitsyn has learned anytbing from his prolonged residence in the doghouse?  Can Kostitsyn be any worse than Pouliot at this stage, especially if you’re looking for two minutes from him?   And there’s always a chance that he will raise his game to the level of his ability.

Still, wholesale changes aren’t likely for game two as Martin continues to go with the ones he brought to the dance.  Another game like last night?  Well…….stay tuned.