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Scotty Bowman made his daily appearance on Toronto’s The Fan-570 morning show with Don Landry and Gord Stellick.  (full interview here)   Bowman won five Stanley cups with the Canadiens and a record nine, including his success in Pittsburgh and Detroit.  He shared some insight on what went wrong in the 6-0 opening gameloss tothe Flyers and what they have to do to get back into the series.

I think the trap system (the Canadiens) play a little bit – they have to move up and not allow the play through the centre and their own blueline.  (The Flyers) did get over the line pretty easily and then they would slow down.  And when you take your time and slow down a little bit, that’s the time you need to get players in front of the net.  I think the Canadiens would have to close that gap a bit.  They have been a team…they relay on blocking a lot of shots and things of that nature.  Their shot-blocking has been much better than any else’s.  But now the other team is playing a different style.  They’re slowing down when they get over the blueline or they’re moving it back to the point.  I think it comes down to the Philadelphia defence being very good at the points.  Timmonen, especially, and Pronger, they’re really experienced guys.  They know where to get shots through and they’ll miss shots just to hit guys and that’s the strategy Montreal has to combat.  You can’t just let this team pour into the end zone minute after minute.  It’s going to hurt them.


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