Andre Markov will remain in Florida for another week.

Markov started the Florida segment of his rehabilitation Monday October 10th at the  Dr. James Andrews clinic in the Sarasota suburb of Gulf Breeze.  He is under the direct supervision  of Canadiens therapist Nick Addey-Jibb.

Markov was ordered to stop skating following a meeting with doctors on September 30th.

It is now more than ten months since Markov underwent the December 8th reconstructive surgery on his right knee  in Alabama.

There is no projected date for his return to the Canadiens lineup.  His injury is now listed officially as a “right knee inflammation”.

There seems to be some confusion about Markov’s injury status within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Currently Markov is on “injury reserve”.  He cannot qualify for “long term injury reserve” until after the tenth game of the season, October 27.

Long-Term Injuries:

  • A player expected to miss at least 10 games and 24 days due to injury can be listed as a long-term injury (LTI).
  • An LTI can be covered by replacement players, as long as the replacement salaries do not exceed the salary of the injured player.