Hoax: Vivek Takes the Stage

The recent Republican primary debate might’ve been a total snooze fest, but it sure had its drama. While most of it was a mix of name-calling and insults, Vivek Ramaswamy managed to stir things up by calling out NBC’s moderator for pushing the Russia-collusion story.

The Showdown Moment

In a rare standout moment, Ramaswamy turned the heat on Kristen Welker, the NBC News moderator. He straight-up asked her if the whole Trump-Russia thing she talked about for years was true or just made-up info from Hillary Clinton. The crowd loved it, Welker smirked, and just when Ramaswamy was about to dive into how the media rigs elections, NBC’s Lester Holt cut in to move things forward.

The Big Win

That move made Ramaswamy the star of the debate instantly. Hoax. But it wasn’t just about slamming Welker and the media. Before that, he demanded Ronna McDaniel’s resignation for the GOP’s losing streak since 2018 and criticized the GOP big shots for letting NBC host the debate.

The Call for Better Moderators

Ramaswamy had a point. He argued that instead of NBC, debates should have hosts like Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, or Elon Musk to draw in more viewers and ask questions that GOP voters care about.

Comparing to Democrats

He also threw shade at the Democrats, saying they’d never let a network openly against them host their debates. He accused the GOP of making some poor choices by agreeing to Welker, who he claims has a history of biased reporting.

Welker’s Track Record

Ramaswamy isn’t the only one with issues about Welker. He brought up instances where she pushed some pretty loaded questions at Trump, even before the Mueller report cleared him of any Russia ties.

Welker’s Style

Welker’s style of reporting, according to Ramaswamy, was one-sided. She allegedly grilled Trump’s administration and twisted stories, which didn’t sit well with him.

Ramaswamy’s Clarity

His bold move to call out Welker, criticize the media, and slam the GOP establishment earned him major points. He seemed to have more political sense than the other candidates on the stage.

Final Takeaway

In a debate full of dull moments and fiery arguments, Vivek Ramaswamy’s direct confrontation with the media and the establishment made him the standout winner. His willingness to challenge the status quo earned him the spotlight.